Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Motet does The Grateful Dead

For years now, The Motet has been putting on incredible Halloween cover shows, playing music by The Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, Tower of Power, Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock, Prince, etc.

This year, they covered The Grateful Dead! It's definitely a unique take on tGD and I find it quite enjoyable.

Have a listen:

The snow is on the way folks! See you out there in snow angel land...

Friday, October 21, 2011

PHISH Breaking News!

Sorry I'm a bit behind, but If you're not already on it, there are BIG developments in PHISH Land with all sorts of new material being leaked via official channels. Get on this guy's twitter and check his soundcloud! This is very VERY cool!!/TomMarshall111

Enjoy, discuss...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bela Fleck and The Original Flecktones!

Wow! Dare I say best show of 2011 so far! Howard Levy - after having been absent from the stage since 1992 - has seamlessly reintegrated himself into the Flecktones and in turn, elevated this band to incredible new heights.

Last week's show at Red Butte Gardens was absolutely mesmerizing. Howard absolutely ruled on the harmonica and the piano, routinely leading jams and improvising along with the rest of the Flecktones. The harmonica was especially nice, as they busted out tunes from the Levy era.

Bela, Howard, Victor and Futureman, each a virtuoso in his own rite, weaved their beautiful familiar melodies and guests Bruce Horsnby and Casey Driessen added more complexity and beautiful soaring jams. Simply amazing and the best Flecktones show I've heard in ages.

Do yourself a favor and download the recording. It's far from perfect, with a couple spots of wind noise, but I think you'll find it very listenable. In fact, if anyone wants to remaster this show, contact me and I'll get you the flacs.

Happy Summer folks! We have PHISH and Targhee Bluegrass knocking on the doorstep with many peak experiences in store.


(good thru end of AUG. contact me if expired)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Royal Family Ball at The State Room on May 19, 2011

Soulive, Lettuce and Break Science were in SLC in May, serving up their brand of jazzy funk soul music on a tour they're calling The Royal Family Ball. 

The show started with a DJ spinning some grooves and this progressed into Break Science which is a drummer/DJ combo.  The Lettuce horns joined the duo and took the sound to a really nice peak.  This music was much more "likable" than a simple traditional DJ set.  The live drummer kept the grooves very tangible and the whole thing was pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, I don't think we got a recording of it.

Soulive was up next and offered a Beatles Medley, ala their new Rubber Soulive Click record.

The highlight of the night, by a longshot, was Lettuce.  Lettuce is essentially 'Soulive with horns' and the funk was deep, approaching musical heights reminiscent of Karl Denson and the Greyboy Allstars.  If you dig the horny funky soul music, I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this set.

Check out the recordings below!


Soulive recording -flac format - by Ryan:

Lettuce recording - mp3 format - by Jmed:

Download mp3 the Break Science record:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Listen: Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011-05-18 SLC, UT

Tedeschi Trucks Band put on a great show last night at Kingsbury Hall!

Derek and Susan and the Band tore up the stage for a full 2 hours with some great new and old material. They mixed some Hendrix and Herbie Hancock into the set and the Band really showed their collective prowess with extended jams and some excellent individual solos. Oteil and Kofi Burbridge are both incredible players and Oteil in particular just bubbled with energy the whole time. The horn section, while missing the trombone player, added a great texture to the sound, as did the two vocalists. Derek and Susan shared lead guitar duties with each of them shining brightly. Derek just makes it all look SO EASY, as he fingerpicks and slides his way up and down his beautiful Gibson SG.


Download link:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Phish 11/24/09 - Philly night 1=great show!

hey happy east coasters who are gettin some phreshies tonite!

Looks like a good one in Albany. I recall fondly all the Thanksgiving shows we did together in Falls past and i'm sad i couldn't be there this time. Couldn't catcha Gumbo this time...

WOW, check out this excellent philly night 1 show - (full setlist/torrent download below)

The first set gets going nice w chalkdust and then a cities>camel walk! curtain wedge moma dance reba!? the golgi seems like the end of set I and then we get a rager stealin time. this is a great version of this new tune and it ROCKS! listen to mike w the machine gun bass bombs - AWESOME!

the second set starts right off w an energetic possum, DWD>20 years later is sweet. THEN, what is possibly the BEST HOOD i've heard since the reunion into mango song is really really suite. Mike's song just started and i just had to pop open a Sierra Celebration ale to fully enjoy this.

MANoMAN!~ PHISH is back and they are KILLIN it!

it's a good time to be a PHISH phan people.

Happy holidays and I hope to catch up w you soon.


Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

Chalk Dust Torture
Bathtub Gin
Cities >
Camel Walk
The Curtain With
The Wedge
The Moma Dance
Golgi Apparatus
Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan

Down With Disease >
Twenty Years Later
Harry Hood >
The Mango Song
Mike's Song >
Simple >
Slave To The Traffic Light >
Weekapaug Groove

A Day in the Life

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Devil Makes Three at The State Room 11/21/09

umm...holy crap. E P I C!

Dunno what was in the air, but last night goes down in history as one of the "crazier" shows in recent memory. Think back to the Zephyr days when people were spilling out of the joint and the entire dance floor was filled with sweaty, jumping, almost moshing bodies with smiles aplenty...PHEW! The Devil Makes Three really tore The State Room up last night!

After an outstanding pot luck dinner, we arrived at The State Room around 9pm to find the show sold out with a bunch of ticketless w00ks outside trying to bum their way in. Thankfully the ticket god came and swooped up the rest of our crew and we made our way inside just in time to see the lead guy from Boulder Acoustic (?) Music Society take a running leap and stage dive into the crowd! What a sight! He crowd surfed for a couple minutes and then the sea of hands deposited him back onstage for their final number. This was a harbinger for what was to come in the next couple hours.

I first saw The Devil Makes Three this past summer at High Sierra Music Festival, at the prompting of a good friend - YOU JUST GOTTA SEE THIS BAND!! Always game for a new band, we rolled over to the Vaudeville tent to find it packed out on all sides, with more people than I've ever seen at this stage! I felt like I had to see what the buzz was all about and weaved into the tent to find 500 of DM3's closest friends getting their boogie on, screaming the words to every song. I was blown away with the power of this acoustic music trio and the following that they had. Their music was catchy, groovy and wild! I immediately vowed to not miss a nearby DM3 show again.

Fast forward to November 21, 2009 at The State Room, and a similar scene ensued. The usual music loving crowd turned out, but there were also another 200 people I've never seen in SLC, ready to party. The first tune seemed a little mellow and I actually wondered if the band was going to 'bring it'. Well, at about the third song, this dude next to us takes his shirt off and the game was on! He began to jump around and about 50 others joined in and The State Room's first MOSHPIT (I kid you not!) was born. Girls, guys, leisure suits, pleather, plastic, you name it- people were throwing down....HARD. Somehow, they all knew every word to every song! It was like High Sierra Vaudville tent all over again in SLC, UT.

I could not stop dancing and jumping around with all the crazy people all night long. We all mixed in and out of the moshpit, people spilled drinks on the slippery concrete floor and every once in a few minutes, someone would slip and hit the deck. A pal would pick'er up and BOOM - they were going at it again! At the end of each song, it seemed like every person in the crowd cheered as loud as they could. It was extremely energizing.

The band noted their sincere appreciation toward the end of their 90+ minute set, stating something like: "This is our last show on our 10,000 mile tour around the US and it was one of the best shows we've had. Thanks!" I agree - The Devil Makes Three is an act not to be missed and I feel comfort knowing that somehow SLC can still conjure up the absolutely EPIC energy at shows!

I think The State Room is the perfect venue for this age-old SLC euphoria phenomenon - perfect dance floor, great sound, and great staff taboot. Just get your tickets in advance people, because I expect we'll start to see a lot of sold out shows over there.

As for how the tapes turned out...well, I've gotta work on my discipline as a taper. Unfortunately, there are no tapes of last nights show...we'll have to just recollect and giggle to ourselves at the wonderful experience we all shared.