Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bela Fleck and The Original Flecktones!

Wow! Dare I say best show of 2011 so far! Howard Levy - after having been absent from the stage since 1992 - has seamlessly reintegrated himself into the Flecktones and in turn, elevated this band to incredible new heights.

Last week's show at Red Butte Gardens was absolutely mesmerizing. Howard absolutely ruled on the harmonica and the piano, routinely leading jams and improvising along with the rest of the Flecktones. The harmonica was especially nice, as they busted out tunes from the Levy era.

Bela, Howard, Victor and Futureman, each a virtuoso in his own rite, weaved their beautiful familiar melodies and guests Bruce Horsnby and Casey Driessen added more complexity and beautiful soaring jams. Simply amazing and the best Flecktones show I've heard in ages.

Do yourself a favor and download the recording. It's far from perfect, with a couple spots of wind noise, but I think you'll find it very listenable. In fact, if anyone wants to remaster this show, contact me and I'll get you the flacs.

Happy Summer folks! We have PHISH and Targhee Bluegrass knocking on the doorstep with many peak experiences in store.


(good thru end of AUG. contact me if expired)