Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yonder Mountain - The Show first thoughts

Just bought it off iTunes - my first ever song or album purchase off iTunes, in

Damn, lots of great polished songs that we've enjoyed hearing for some time,
combined with a couple never heard before tunes. In the Seam is a beautiful
little instrumental and Belle Parker is a jewel to have on an official release.

The album is definitely highly processed, with drum tracks all over and in Rain
Still Falls, it sounds like Adam's voice was all midi'd up.

I can't get enough of Complicated - for some reason it makes me all choked up
and wanting to cry every single time I hear it. It really rings true in
real-life lately. Thanks Ben!

The end of the album ties up pretty nicely with Rain Still Falls, Fine Excuses
and Casualty. Casualty is a smokin hot groove.

iTunes version even has a bonus track in form of a 9min Midwest Gospel Radio studio remix. kinda rad i'd say...and a very pretty composition with dave enjoying the riffs for a long time.

Alright, well thanks guys for a great album. It's always nice to hear the new

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